Does the page limit include abstract and references?

Yes, the page limit (5 pages for regular papers, student papers and vision papers; 3 pages for panel and workshop proposals; 1 page for posters) includes abstract and references. So, everything should fit within the specific number of pages. If your submission exceeds the page limit, it will be rejected without review.

What are the formatting instructions for panel and workshop proposals?
Panel and workshop proposals should following the same formatting guidelines as regular papers (see http://medinfo2017.medmeeting.org/Content/32516) but they should be limited to 3 pages.

How should a poster (1 page submission) be structured?
Poster submissions should follow the same structure as regular papers but can omit the Discussion. So they should contain: Abstract; Keywords; Introduction; Methods; Results; Conclusions; Acknowledgements; References; Address for correspondence. Everything should fit on a single page.

What is a ‘vision paper’ and what distinguishes it from regular papers / student papers?
A vision paper is a well-thought, well-argued position statement that highlights new challenges and proposes potential directions and novel solutions in biomedical and health informatics. Each vision paper must be no more than five pages in length and must conform to the MEDINFO 2017 paper format requirements. Accepted vision papers will be presented as oral presentations at the conference.

What should be included in a panel proposal?
For a panel proposal it is not necessary to stick to the headings provided in the submission template. Please provide a description of the panel topic as well as brief biographies of the panellists. Furthermore, please describe what each of the panellists will focus on in their presentation.

What is the duration of panels, workshops, and tutorials?
Panels and workshops are part of the main conference programme and last 90 minutes. Tutorials are scheduled during the pre-conference and can last either 3 hours (half day) or 6 hours (full day).

What is the intended format of panels and workshops?
A panel would typically feature 3-5 panelists giving a brief presentation or making a position statement, followed by at least 30 minutes of discussion with an active role for the audience. Panelists must be recognised thought leaders in the field addressed. A workshop is aimed at engaging the audience and collaborative working around a specific theme. In a workshop, the organisers operate on equal footing with the audience rather than as experts or thought leaders.

  Is there a limit on the number of authors/persons involved in organising a panel or workshop?
There is no limit on the number of authors/persons involved – but, as indicated above, for a panel we would not expect more than 5 speakers.