Visa Requirements

For most of the foreign participants, visas are required for entering China. The delegates can apply for Chinese visas through visa agents or from the nearest embassy and consulate. You are advised to apply for tourist visa (VISA L) or business visa (VISA F) and learn what materials are needed for different visa categories in advance. The embassies and consulates serving your area and Chinese visa application service center will provide you with related information. 
LOC of MedInfo2017 suggests you to start your visa application as soon as possible. 

Visa Categories 
1. Exchange, visits and study tours: F
For the people who come to China for exchanges, visits and study tours. 
2. Commerce and trade: M 
For the people who come to China for commercial and trade activities. 
3. Travel: L                    
For the people who come to China for tourism. 
4. Media activities: J1     
For the resident foreign journalists/media staff of foreign news organizations stationed in China who intend to stay in China for more than 180 days. 
5. Media activities: J2     
For foreign journalists/media staff on short-term news coverage missions who intend to stay in China for less than 180 days.

Visas may be exempted for the citizens of Singapore, Brunei and Japan who hold ordinary passport and enter China through the ports of entry open to foreigners provided that they come to China for the purposes of traveling, commerce and trade,family visit and the intended duration will not exceed 15 days. For more information, please go to:

Please contact us should you need a congress invitation letter for visa application.