Full papers


Comparing Cancer Information Needs for Consumers in the US and China
Zongcheng Ji, Yaoyun Zhang, Jun Xu, Xiaoling Chen, Yonghui Wu, Hua Xu

An architecture for semantically interoperable electronic health records
André Toffanello, Ricardo Gonçalves, Adriana Kitajima, Ricardo Puttini

Preferred design features of e-mental health programs for prevention of major depression in male workers: Results from a Canadian national survey
Jian-Li Wang, Kendall Ho

A Case-based Study with Radiologists Performing Diagnosis Tasks in Virtual Reality
José Eduardo Venson, Jean Carlo Berni, Carlos Edmilson da Silva Maia, Ana Maria Marques da Silva, Marcos d Ornellas, Anderson Maciel

I got 99 problems, and eHealth is one
Sofie Wass, Vivian Vimarlund

Consumer health informatics aspects of direct-to-consumer personal genomic testing
Kathleen Gray, Remya Stephen, Bronwyn Terrill, Brenda Wilson, Anna Middleton, Rigan Tytherleigh, Clara Gaff, Jacqueline Savard, Chriselle Hickerton, Ainsley Newson, Sylvia Metcalfe

Guidance through use: value as pathfinder in e-Health services implementation
Bertil Lindenfalk, Vivian Vimarlund

Operational Data Model conversion to ResearchKit
Iñaki Soto-Rey, Sophia Geßner, Martin Dugas

A secure architecture to provide a medical emergency dataset for patients in Germany and abroad
Michael Storck, Jan Wohlmann, Sarah Krudwig, Alexander Vogel, Judith Born, Thomas Weber, Martin Dugas, Christian Juhra

Extraction and Quantification Clusters of Three-dimensional Lorenz Plots
Min Hu, Weixing Han, Jun Liu, Chengfan Jang, Suxia Wang

Trust Model for Protection of Personal Health Data in Global Environment
Pekka Ruotsalainen, Bernd Blobel

Enabling Patient Control of Personal Electronic Health Records through Distributed Ledger Technology
James Cunningham, John Ainsworth

Establishing Therapeutic Alliance in Mental Health Care via Cooperative Documentation
Anja Perlich, Julia von Thienen, Christoph Meinel

Design and Evaluation on the Mobile Application of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
ChingLung Cheng, Li-Hui Lee

Dynamic Creation of Patient Summaries – A CDA and IHE XDS based approach for regional EHRs
Patrick Mangesius, Samrend Saboor, Thomas Healy, Thomas Schabetsberger

A Mobile System for Music Anamnesis and Receptive Music Therapy in the Personal Home
Kerstin Denecke

The Study of Smartphone Usage Competency Assessment and Training for the Elderly
Sheng-Chieh Lu, Tzu-Ning Wen, Chien-Hsien Lee, Polun Chang

Development of Home-based Sleep Monitoring System for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Peirong Wu, Guan-Ting Chen, Yanyan Cui, Terry B.J. Kuo, Polun Chang

Promotion of Adequate Exercise for Chronic Disorders’ Elderly through Paced Music
Gi-Ryong Kang, Il Kon Kim, WooJin Kim, DoYoun Lee

cHRV: Uncovering Daily Stress Dynamics using Bio-signal from Consumer Wearables
Tian Hao, Xinxin Zhu, Henry Chang, Marion Ball, Kun Lin

Serious Games for Parkinson’s Disease Fine Motor Skills Rehabilitation Using Natural Interfaces
Antonio Augusto Foletto, Marcos d Ornellas, Ana Lucia Prado

Integrated Care Processes Designed for the Future Healthcare System
Thomas Bürkle, Kerstin Denecke, Michael Lehmann, Jürgen Holm

Acceptance and Use of eHealth/mHealth Applications for Self-Management among Cancer Survivors
Yun Jiang, Brady West, Debra Barton, Marcelline Harris

Review of Mobile Apps Suitable for use in Diabetes Clinic for Self-management of GDM
Sarita Pais, Dave Parry, Janet Rowan

A Healthy Lifestyle Intervention Application
Trond Tufte, Ankica Babic

Decision-Tree Model for Support of Health Policy Choices Based on Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) Program Outcomes
Casimir Kulikowski, Andre Cohen, Timothy Elbert, Samantha Clark, Dagna Constenla, Anushua Sinha

Mobile application for pregnant women: From Oceania to South America
Janine Sommer, Mariana Daus, Maria Isabel Smith, Daniel Luna

Tracking the Implementation of Elecronic Medical Records in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, using an Adoption Benchmarking Tool
Osama El-Hassana, Amer Sharif, Mohammad Al Redhaa, Iain Blair

Looking for the best WOW: Understanding the nurses’ needs
Bibiana Schachner, Zulma Gonzalez, Rodrigo Cano, Daniel Luna, Sonia Benitez

Analysis on HL7 EHRS Functional Model and Apply Suggestions in China
Haibin Meng, Huajian Mao, Chenyang Chi, Dongsheng Zhao

E-HOSPITAL – A Digital Workbench for Hospital Operations and Services Planning using Information Technology and Algebraic Languages Daniel Gartner, Rema Padman

Developing a Mobile Wellness Management System for Healthy Lifestyle by Analyzing Daily Living Activities
Chae-Gyun Lim, Zae Myung Kim, Ho-Jin Choi

Use of Flowchart for Automation of Clinical Protocols in mHealth
Karine Nóra Dias, Daniel Welfer, Marcos d Ornellas, Carlos Jesus Pereira Haygert, Gustavo Dotto

Enhancing Children’s Safety by Barcoding Implementation at Breast Milk Feeding
Mariana Daus

Multimodal e-health services for smoking cessation and public health: the SmokeFreeBrain project approach
Panagiotis D. Bamidis, Evangelos Paraskevopoulos, Evdokimos Konstantinidis, Dimitris Spachos, Antonis Billis

Electronic health records in the cloud: improving primary health care delivery in South Africa
Liezel Cilliers, Graham Wright

Lessons learned after redesigning a personal health record
Maria Isabel Smith

An Exploratory Analyis of Game Telemetry from a Pediatric mHealth Intervention
Rema Padman, Disha Gupta, Bhargav Sri Prakash

Who is your doctor? Patient-reported vs. Imputed Primary Care Physician
Shan He, Sue Dintelman, Jake Sangster, Darren Mann, Sid Thornton



Scholarly Information Extraction is Going to Make a Quantum Leap with PMC – But Moving from Abstracts to Full Texts Seems Harder Than Expected
Franz Matthies, Udo Hahn

Surveying a New Multi-Institution Clinical Data Research Network
Marc Rosenman, Margaret Madden, Elissa Oh, Satyender Goel, Abel Kho

An Integrated Surveillance System to Examine Testing, Services, and Outcomes for Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Brian Dixon, Guoyu Tao, Jane Wang, Wanzhu Tu, Sarah Hoover, Zuoyi Zhang, Teresa Batteiger, Janet Arno

A Validated Risk Model for 30-day Readmission for Heart Failure
Satish Mahajan, Prabir Burman, Ana Newton, Paul Heidenreich

Translational morphosyntax: Distribution of negation in clinical records and biomedical journal articles
Kevin Bretonnel Cohen, Foster Goss, Pierre Zweigenbaum, Lawrence E Hunter

Screening for Behavioral Risks: A Precision Healthcare driven approach for Chronic Pain Evaluation in Pediatric Specialty Care
Vibha Anand, Andrew Zeft, Steven Spalding

An Early Infectious Disease Outbreak Detection Mechanism Based on Self-Recorded Data from People with Diabetes
Ashenafi Zebene Woldaregay, Eirik Årsand, Taxiarchis Botsis, Gunnar Hartvigsen

Characterising the Scope of Exposome Research: A General Approach
Philip Kiossoglou, Ann Borda, Kathleen Gray, Fernando Martin-Sanchez, Karin Verspoor, Guillermo Lopez-Campos

The Repeatability Assessment Tool (RepeAT)
J. Christian Lukas, Anthony Juehne, Rosalia Alcoser, Xiaoyan Liu, Cynthia Hudson Vitale, Leslie McIntosh

Classification of Clinical Research Study Eligibility Criteria to Support Multi-Stage Cohort Identification Using Clinical Data Repositories
James Cimino, William Lancaster, Mathew Wyatt

General Symptom Extraction from VA Electronic Medical Notes
Guy Divita, Gang Luo, Le-Thuy Tran, Elizabeth Workman, Adi Gundlapalli, Matthew Samore

Conversion of National Health Insurance Service-National Sample Cohort (NHIS-NSC) database into Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership-Common Data Model (OMOP-CDM)
Seng Chan You, Seongwon Lee, Soo-Yeon Cho, Hojun Park, Sungjae Jung, Dukyong Yoon, Rae Woong Park

Development and validation of various phenotyping algorithms for Diabetes Mellitus using data from Electronic Health Records.
Santiago Esteban, Manuel Rodríguez Tablado, Francisco Peper, Yamila Mahumud, Ricardo Ricci, Karin Kopitowski, Sergio Terrasa

Semantic relations in compound nouns: Perspectives from inter-annotator agreement
Prabha Yadav, Elisabetta Jezek, Pierrette Bouillon, Tiffany Callahan, Michael Bada, Lawrence E Hunter, Kevin Bretonnel Cohen

Assessing the Representation of Occupation Information in Free-Text Clinical Documents Across Multiple Sources
Elizabeth Lindemann, Elizabeth Chen, Sripriya Rajamani, Nivedha Manohar, Yan Wang, Genevieve Melton

An Interactive Platform to Visualize Data-Driven Clinical Pathways for the Management of Multiple Chronic Conditions
Yiye Zhang, Rema Padman

Semi-Automatic Mark-up and UMLS Annotation of Clinical Guidelines
Matthias Becker, Britta Böckmann

Automating the identification of patient safety incident reports using multi-label classification
Ying Wang, Enrico Coiera, William Runciman, Farah Magrabi

Predicting Adverse Outcomes in Heart Failure Patients Using Different Frailty Status Measures
Yan Cheng, Yijun Shao, Charlene Weir, Rashmee Shahd, Bruce Bray, Jennifer Garvin, Qing Zeng-Treitler

Sharing health big data for research – A design by use cases: the INSHARE platform approach
Marc Cuggia, Guillaume Bouzille, Richard Westerlynck, Gautier Defossez, Dalel Bouslimi, Sahar Bayat, Christine Riou, Yann Busnel, Clara Le Guillou, Jean-Michel Cauvin, Christian Jacquelinet, Patrick Pladys, Emmanuel Oger, Eric Stindel, Pierre Ingrand, Gouenou Coatrieux

Is there a Priority Shift in Mental Health Clinical Trials?
Vibha Anand, Soumya Ghosh, Amit Anand

A Deep Learning based Method for Similar Patient Question Retrieval in Chinese
Guoyu Tang, Yuan Ni, Guotong Xie, Xinli Fan, YanLing Shi

Detecting Protected Health Information in Heterogeneous Clinical Notes
Aron Henriksson, Maria Kvist, Hercules Dalianis

Contrast Mining for Pattern Discovery and Descriptive Analytics to Tailor Sub-groups of Patients Using Big Data Solutions
Michael Phinney, Yan Zhuang, Sean Lander, Lincoln Sheets, Jerry Parker, Chi-Ren Shyu

‘Hybrid topics’ – Facilitating the interpretation of topics through the addition of labels to bags of words
Zhiguo Yu, Thang Nguyen, Ferdinand Dhombres, Todd Johnson, Olivier Bodenreider

The Pluripotent Rendering of Clinical Data for Precision Medicine
Christopher Chute, Stanley Huff

What information does your EHR contain? Automatic Generation of a Clinical Metadata Warehouse (CMDW) to Support Identification and Data Access within Distributed Clinical Research Networks
Philipp Bruland, Justin Doods, Michael Storck, Martin Dugas

Analysis of the Existence of Patient Care Team Using Social Network Methods in Physician Communities from Healthcare Insurance Companies Márcia Ito, Ana Paula Appel, Vagner Figueredo de Santana, Luis G. Moyano

Conditional Density Estimation of Tweet Location: a Feature-dependent Approach
Hayate Iso, Shoko Wakamiya, Eiji Aramaki

Precision Cohort Finding with Outcome-Driven Similarity Analytics: A Case Study of Pa-tients with Atrial Fibrillation
Haifeng Liu, Xiang Li, Guotong Xie, Ping Zhang, Chengming Gu, Jingyi Hu

Phenotyping and Visualizing Infusion-Related Reactions for Breast Cancer Patients
Deyu Sun, Gopal Sarda, Steven Skube, Anne Blaes, Saif Khairat, Genevieve Melton, Rui Zhang

Using Interpretable Machine Learning Models to Predict In-hospital Mortality for ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction Patients
Xiang Li, Haifeng Liu, Jingang Yang, Guotong Xie, Yuejin Yang

Aligned-layer text search in clinical notes
Stephen Wu, Andrew Wen, Yanshan Wang, Sijia Liu, Hongfang Liu

MedEx/J: A One-scan Simple and Fast NLP tool for Japanese Clinical Texts
Eiji Aramaki, Ken Yano, Shoko Wakamiya

Mining adverse drug reactions in social media with named entity recognition and semantic methods
Xiaoyi Chen, Myrtille Deldossi, Rim Aboukhamis, Carole Faviez, Badisse Dahamna, Pierre Karapetiantz, Armelle Guenegou-Arnoux, Yannick Girardeau, Sylvie Guillemin-Lanne, Agnès Lillo-Le-Louët, Nathalie Texier, Anita Burgun, Sandrine Katsahian

Automated Evaluation System for Human Pupillary Behavior
Cleyton Silva, Cristhiane Gonçalves, Ronaldo Costa, Eduardo Camilo, Fabio Santos, Joyce Siqueira

Development of a Deep Learning Algorithm for Automatic Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy
Manoj Raju, Venkatesh Pagidimarri, Ryan Barreto, Amrit Kadam

Extracting Sexual Trauma Mentions from Electronic Medical Notes Using Natural Language Processing
Guy Divita, Emily Brignone, Marjorie Carter, Ying Suo, Rebecca Blais, Matthew Samore, Jamison Fargo, Adi Gundlapalli

Prediction and Factor Extraction of Diagnosis by Analyzing Prescriptions in Developing Countries
Min Hu, Naoki Nakashima, Yasunobu Nohara

Comparison of Regression Analysis and Transfer Function in Estimating the Parmeters of Central Pulse Waves from Brachial Pulse Wave Rui Chai, Lisheng Xu, Yang Yao, Li-ling Hao, Lin Qi

A Hadoop/MapReduce Based Platform for Supporting Health Big Data Analytics
Dillon Chrimes, Hamid Zamani, Alex Mu-Hsing Kuo, Belaid Moa

Assessing data integration and quality for the evaluation of Point-of-Care Testing across rural and remote emergency departments in Australia
Ling Li, Euan McCaughey, Juliana Iles-Mann, Andrew Sargeant, Maria Dahm, Virginia Mumford, Johanna Westbrook, Andrew Georgiou

Automatically Identifing Topics of Consumer Health Questions in Chinese
Haihong Guo, Xu Na, Jiao Li

Graph Clustering System for Text-based Records in a Clinical Pathway
Takanori Yamashita, Naoya Onimura, Hidehisa Soejima, Naoki Nakashima, Sachio Hirokawa

Retrofitting Concept Vector Representations of Medical Concepts to Improve Estimates of Semantic Similarity and Relatedness
Zhiguo Yu, Byron Wallace, Todd Johnson, Trevor Cohen

Extraction of Data from a Hospital Information System to Perform Process Mining
Ricardo Alfredo Quintano Neira, Gert-Jan de Vries, Jennifer Caffarel, Erin Stretton

Automatic identification of Glaucoma using Deep Learning methods
Allan Cerentini, Daniel Welfer, Marcos d Ornellas, Carlos Jesus Pereira Haygert, Gustavo Dotto

Case report form reporter: A key component for the integration of electronic medical records and the electronic data capture system Yasushi Matsumura, Atsushi Hattori, Shirou Manabe, Daiyo Takahashi, Yuichiro Yamamoto, Taizo Murata, Akito Nakagawa, Naoki Mihara, Toshihiro Takeda

A Hybrid Method for ICD-10 Auto-coding of Chinese Diagnoses
Zheng Jia, Weifeng Qin, Huilong Duan, Haomin Li

The Study of Pulse Image of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Information Age
Cheng Shi, Yu Zhang, Qingyue Gong, Jinhai Zhou, Lisheng Xu

Enhanced LexSynonym Acquisition for Effective UMLS Concept Mapping
Chris J. Lu

Measurement of Respiration Rate and Depth through Difference in Temperature between Skin Surface and Nostril by Using Thermal Image Hieyong Jeong, Yuko Ohno

From Bench to Bedside: a View on Bioinformatics Pipelines
Blanca Flores, Dirk Hose, Anja Seckinger, Petra Knaup, Matthias Ganzinger

Locally Adaptive Operators for Red Lesions Detection in Eye Fundus Images
Luisa Dri Bagesteiro, Daniel Welfer, Marcos d Ornellas, Juliano F. kazienko, Carlos Jesus Pereira Haygert, Gustavo Dotto

Uncovering hidden topics in Hong Kong clinical research through Hospital Authority Convention publications
Zoie Shui-Yee Wong, Wai Man Chan, Eliza Lai-Yi Wong, Patsy Yuen-Kwan Chau, Kwok-Leung Tsui, Hong Fung

CrowdMapping: a crowdsourcing based terminology mapping method for medical data standardization
Huajian Mao, Chenyang Chi, Boyu Huang, Haibin Meng, Jinghui Yu, Dongsheng Zhao

Applying Risk Models on Patients with Unknown Predictor Values: An Incremental Learning Approach
Enliang Xu, Xiang Li, Jing Mei, Shiwan Zhao, Gang Hu, Eryu Xia, Haifeng Liu, Guotong Xie

Extracting Eligibility Criteria from the Narrative Text of Scientific Research Articles
Ching-Yun Lin, Der-Ming Liou, Mei-Lien Pan

A Personalized Adviser-Interpreter System for Monitoring Diabetic Patients’ Weight Loss
Azadeh Kamel Ghalibaf, Mahmood Tara

A Data-Driven Decision-Support Tool for Population Health Policies
Michal Chorev, Lavi Shpigelman, Peter Bak, Avi Yaeli, Edwin Michael, Ya’ara Goldschmidt

Prescription Opioid Dependence in Western New York: Using Data Analytics to find an answer to the opioid epidemic
Shyamashree Sinha

A Virtual Earth Model of the Dementias in China
Hamish Robertson, Nick Nicholas, Joanne Travaglia, Andrew Hayen, Andrew Georgiou



Toward Automatic Reporting of Infectious Diseases Hsiao-Mei Tsao, Chi-Ming Chang, Jen-Hsiang Chuang, Ding-Ping Liu, Mei-Lien Pan, Da-Wei Wang

Patients’ online access to Electronic Health Records – Retrospect, current status and experienced challenges from the implementation in Sweden
Maria Hägglund, Isabella Scandurra

An Experimental Comparison of Quality Models for Health Data De-Identification Johanna Eicher, Klaus A. Kuhn, Fabian Praßer

Towards a Usability and Error ‘Safety Net’: A Multi-Phased Multi-Method Approach to Ensuring System Usability and Safety
Andre Kushniruk, Yalini Senathirajah, Elizabeth Borycki

OpenClinic GA Open Source Hospital Information System enabled Universal Health Coverage Monitoring and Evaluation in Burundian Hospitals Gustave Karara, Frank Verbeke, Evelyne Ndabaniwe, Etienne Mugisho, Marc Nyssen

Evaluation of the association between different patient indexing strategies and effective indexing in health centers of the public system of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. An exploratory study.
Santiago Esteban, Cecilia Palermo, Leandro Alassia, Analia Baum, Fernan Gónzalez Bernaldo de Quirós

Change management strategies: transforming a difficult implementation into a successful one.
María Victoria Giussi, Fernando Plazzotta, Analía Baum, Pablo Muguerza, Fernan Gónzalez Bernaldo de Quirós

50th Anniversary International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) History Book: Goals and Preview
Casimir Kulikowski, George Mihalas, Robert Greenes, Valerio Yacubsohn, Hyeoun-Ae Park

Green turning Brown – Domain Engineeering for Health and Social Services in Finland
Reima Suomi, Riina Hiltunen, Tapio Vepsäläinen, Pirkko Nykänen

A combined Collaborative Information Behaviour (CIB) and Continuity of Care framework for modeling complexity in colorectal cancer screening access
Caitlin Champion, Ewan Affleck, Gonzalo Alvarez, Craig Kuziemsky

An Experimental Comparison of a Co-Design Visualizing Personal Drug Information and Patient Information Leaflets: Usability Aspects Soudabeh Khodambashi, Dagrun Haugland, Anette Ellingsberg, Hanne Kottum, Janne Kutschera Sund, Øystein Nytrø

Mutual learning and exchange of health informatics experiences from around the world – Evaluation of a Massive Open Online Course in eHealth Sabine Koch, Maria Hägglund

Lack of training for a downtime procedure: users perceptions of an Electronic Health Record Contingency plan
Rodrigo Cano, Brenda Bejarano, Mercedes Vidal, Mara Fernandez, Daniel Luna, Sonia Benitez

What do they mean by ‘Health Informatics’? Health Informatics Posts Compared to Program Standards.
Josette Jones, Enming Zhang, Anand Kulanthaivel

Analysis of the Updated Swedish Regulatory Framework of the Patient Accessible Elec-tronic Health Record in Relation to Usage Experience Isabella Scandurra, Maria Pettersson, Benny Eklund, Leif Lyttkens

User Centred Design and Nosocomials in Surgical ICUs’ Experiences with a mobile application for peer monitoring and training in hand hygiene
Nadish Kariyawasam, Ming Chao Wong, Paul Turner

Information and Communication Gaps in Intersectoral Healthcare Processes for Dementia Patients
Bianca Oppermann, Bettina Zippel-Schultz, Uta Augustin, Andrea Popa, Carsten Schultz, Reinhold Haux

Digital Health and Welfare Service Development in an International Multidisciplinary Student Team
Outi Ahonen, Elina Rajalahti, Jonas Tana, Gun-Britt Lejonqvist, Ulla-Mari Kinnunen, Kaija Saranto

Augmented Reality in Nursing: Designing a Framework for a Technology Assessment
Hanna Wüller, Marcus Garthaus, Hartmut Remmers

Clinical decision support and primary care acceptance of genomic medicine
Dian Chase, Joan Ash, Sherry Baron

P-Care BPJS Acceptance Model in Primary Health Centers
Hosizah Hosizah

Feasibility of making the elderly using smartphone taking LINE as a strategic pilot app
Tzu-Ning Wen, Po-Liang Cheng, Polun Chang

The socio-economic challenge – Survey on Danish citizens perspectives and use of health information technology
Lone Stub Petersen, Pernille Bertelsen

Research on Community Health Service Precision Fund Appropriation System Based on Performance Management
Xing Gao, Yao He, Hongpu Hu

The Australian Health Informatics Competencies Framework and its role in the Certified Health Informatician Australasia (CHIA) Program Fernando Martin-Sanchez, David Rowlands, David Hansen, Louise Schaper



Interoperability of medication classification systems: Lessons learned mapping established pharmacologic classes (EPCs) to SNOMED CT Scott Nelson, Jaqui Parker, Robert Lario, Rainer Winnenburg, Mark Erlbaum, Michael Lincoln, Olivier Bodenreider

Interoperability of Disease Concepts in Clinical and Research Ontologies – Contrasting Coverage and Structure in the Disease Ontology and SNOMED CT
Satyajeet Raje, Olivier Bodenreider

Interface Terminologies, Reference Terminologies and Aggregation Terminologies: A Strategy for Better Integration
Stefan Schulz, Jean-Marie Rodrigues, Alan Rector, Christopher Chute

Content and Trends in Medical Informatics Publications Over the Past Two Decades
Liqin Wang, Maxim Topaz, Joseph Plasek, Li Zhou

A Consensus-based Approach for Harmonizing the OHDSI Common Data Model with HL7 FHIR
Guoqian Jiang, Richard Kiefer, Deepak Sharma, Eric Prud’hommeaux, Harold Solbrig

Trends in Fetal Medicine: A 10-year bibliometric analysis of Prenatal Diagnosis
Ferdinand Dhombres, Olivier Bodenreider

Perceiving the Usefulness of the National Cancer Institute Metathesaurus for Enriching NCIt with Toplogical Patterns
Zhe He, Yan Chen, James Geller

Peer review of clinical information models: a Web 2.0 crowdsourced approach
Heather Leslie, Silje Ljosland Bakke

An Ontology-based Approach to Estimate the Frequency of Rare Diseases in Narrative-Text Radiology Reports
Charles Kahn

Eliciting the Intension of Drug Value Sets – Principles and Quality Assurance Applications
Nathan Bahr, Scott Nelson, Rainer Winnenburg, Olivier Bodenreider

Proposal of Prenatal care workflow based on archetypes
Danielle Santos Alves, Valéria Cesário Times, Magdala de Araújo Novaes, Érika Maria Alves da Silva, Eliana Vieira do Nascimento Marinho, Raíza Mendonça de França

From Patient Discharges Summaries to an Ontology of Pyschiatry
Marion Richard, Xavier Aimé, Marie-Odile Krebs, Jean Charlet

Knowledge Management in Health Technology SMEs
Juhamatti Huusko, Sirpa Kuusisto-Niemi, Kaija Saranto

Comparison of three English-to-Dutch machine translations of SNOMED CT procedures Ronald Cornet, Carly Hill, Nicolette de Keizer

The Portal of Medical Data Models: Where have we been and where are we going?
Sophia Geßner, Philipp Neuhaus, Julian Varghese, Philipp Bruland, Alexandra Meidt, Iñaki Soto-Rey, Michael Storck, Justin Doods, Martin Dugas

On incentives for Open Access publishing – A survey at IMIA’s Annual General Assembly during HEC2016
Stefanie Kuballa, Mareike Schulze, Corinna Mielke, Olaf Gefeller, Reinhold Haux

Key Relation Extraction from Biomedical Publications
Lan Huang, Ye Wang, Leiguang Gong, Tian Bai

KQA: A knowledge quality assessment model for Clinical Decision Support Systems
Seyedjamal Zolhavarieh, Dave Parry

Hootation: Expressing Biomedical Ontologies in Natural Language for Expert Ontology Evaluation
Frank Manion, Muhammad Amith, Marcelline Harris, Yaoyun Zhang, Hua Xu, Cui Tao

Shiny FHIR: An Integrated Framework Leveraging Shiny R and HL7 FHIR to Empower Standards-based Clinical Data Applications
Na Hong, Naresh Prodduturi, Chen Wang, Guoqian Jiang

Formalizing Evidence Type Definitions for Drug-drug Interaction Studies to Improve Evidence Base Curation
Mathias Brochhausen, Joseph Utecht, John Judkins, Jodi Schneider, Richard D. Boyce

Application of Ontology Technology in Health Statistic Data Analysis
Minjiang Guo, Hongpu Hu, Xingyun Lei

Semantic Web Service Delivery in Healthcare based on Functional and Non-functional Properties
Marco Schweitzer, Thilo Gorfer, Alexander Hoerbst

Research of Medicine Information Extraction of Chinese Ancient Medicine Patient Record Based on Conditional Random Field < em>Hui Ye

Managing the user needs during the EHR implementation in Buenos Aires City. The Helpdesk Role
Leandro Alassia, Cecilia Palermo, Francisco Recondo, Maria Victoria Giussi, Adriana Stieben, Analía Baum, Fernan Gónzalez Bernaldo de Quirós



Group-based Trajectory Analysis for Long-Term Use of Warfarin Therapy in Atrial Fibrillation Patients
Shijing Guo, Xiang Li, Xin Du, Haifeng Liu, Guotong Xie

Usability Evaluation of an EHR’s Clinical Notes Interface from Attendings’ and Residents’ Perspectives – An Exploratory Study
Rubina Rizvi, Jenna Marquard, Marcus Seywerd, Terrance Adams, Jed Elison, Gretchen Hultman, Kathleen Harder, Genevieve Melton

Medical Effect of Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis Systems and Common Input Categories: Preliminary Findings from a Systematic Review Julian Varghese, Maren Kleine, Sophia Geßner, Sarah Sandmann, Martin Dugas

The Impact of Censoring Drug Switching in Medication Adherence Measures of Chronic Single Ingredient Oral Drugs
Vivienne Zhu, J Marc Overhage, Qianli Ma, Patrick B Ryan

Mapping the Electronic Health Record: a method to study Display Fragmentation
Yalini Senathirajah, Jinglu Wang, Elizabeth Borycki, Andre Kushniruk

Using Therapeutic Circles to Visualize Guideline-Based Therapeutic Recommendations for Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Case Study with GO-DSS on Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, and Dyslipidemia
Brigitte Seroussi, Alexandre Gaolpin, Mouhssin Gaouar, Suzanne Pereira, Jacques Bouaud

Design of a Mobile application for Transfusion Medicine
Mario Alejandro Albornoz, Santiago Márquez Fosser, Luciana Rubin, Daniel Luna

Validation of the Chinese version of the FOIS score in the assessment of acute stroke patients with dysphagia
Yafang Zhu, Hongzhen Zhou, Xiaomei Zhang

Bar-code medication administration at ICU: Learning from our nurses
Thelma Gabriela Maydana, Liliana Julieth Giraldo Franco, Zulma Gonzalez, Bibiana Schachner, Daniel Luna, Sonia Benitez

Precision of EMR Data: The Case For a Drug and Alcohol Service
Siyu Qian, Esther Munyisia, Ping Yu, David Hailey, David Reid

Adverse Drug Event Monitoring with Clinical and Laboratory Data Using Arden Syntax
Andrea Rappelsberger, Klaus-Peter Adlassnig, Jeroen Sebastiaan de Bruin, Manuela Plössnig, Jochen Schuler, Christina Hofer-Dückelmann

Gathering Real World Evidence with Cluster Analysis for Clinical Decision Support
Eryu Xia, Haifeng Liu, Jing Li, Jing Mei, Enliang Xu, Xiang Li, Gang Hu, Guotong Xie

Development of an Arden Syntax Clinical Foundation Framework for Event Monitoring in Intensive Care Units
Jeroen Sebastiaan de Bruin, Julia Zeckl, Katharina Adlassnig, Alexander Blacky, Walter Koller, Andrea Rappelsberger, Klaus-Peter Adlassnig

Framework of Performance Measures for Health Information Exchange (HIE)
Mihoko Okada, Haku Ishida, Sunao Watanabe, Yoshimune Shiratori

User-Centered Design Improves the Usability of Drug-Drug Interaction Alerts: a Validation Study in the Real Scenario
Daniel Alejandro Rizzato Lede, Daniel Luna, Luciana Rubin, Carlos Otero, Juan Marcos Ortiz, Gabriela Garcia, Romina P Rapisarda, Marcelo Risk, Fernan Gónzalez Bernaldo de Quirós

An Innovative Approach to Jointly Schedule and Assign a Consultation Time to Patients in the Emergency Department
Faten Ajmi

Procedure for Reconstruction of a Predictive Score of Severe Deterioration in Inpatients
Hernan Navas, Elian Bourdin

Extracting Follow-Up Recommendations and Associated Anatomy from Radiology Reports
Thusitha Mabotuwana, Chris Hall, Sandeep Dalal, Joel Tieder, Martin Gunn

Strengthening Data Protection Confidentiality and Integrity in the Context of a Multi-Centeric Information System Dedicated to Autism Spectrum Disorder
Mohamed Ben Said, Laurence Robel, Bernard Golse, Jean-Philippe Jais

Comparative Performance Analysis of Different Fingerprint Biometric Scanners for Patient Matching
Kasiiti Noah, Judy Gichoya, Saptarshi Purkayastha, Martin Were

Analysis of Clinical Variations in Asthma Care Documented in Electronic Health Records between Staff and Resident Physicians
Sunghwan Sohn, Chung-Il Wi, Young Juhn, Hongfang Liu

Successful System, Incomplete Data: Caveats in Reusing Activity Data from Emergency-Department Whiteboards
Morten Hertzum

A Comparison of Two Principal Systems for Monitoring of Technology-induced Errors in Electronic Health Records
Sari Palojoki, Elizabeth Borycki, Andre Kushniruk, Kaija Saranto

Improving Patient Safety through the Design and Development of a Computerized Provider Order Entry for Parenteral Nutrition linked to a Barcode Medication Administration Record
Oscar Jáuregui, Lucila Bruchanski, Daniel Rizzato Lede, Carlos Otero, Daniel Luna

Accessing reliable health information on the Web: A Review of the HON approach
Celia Boyer, Arnaud Gaudinat, Allan Hanbury, Ron D. Appel, Marion Ball, Michel Carpentier, Jan H. van Bemmel, Bergmans Jean-Paul, Denis Hochstrasser, Donald Lindberg, Randolph Miller, Jean-Claude Peterschmitt, Charles Safran, Michèle Thonnet, Antoine Geissbuhler

Development and Evaluation of Blood Glucose Management System Reducing the Delay time of Measurement.
Kei Teramoto

Strengthen cancer surveillance in Sri Lanka by implementing Cancer Registry Informatics to Enhance Cancer Registry Data Accuracy, Completeness, and Timeliness.
Kamal Seneviratne

Use of EHR data to identify factors affecting the time-to-fall
Hyesil Jung, Hyeoun-Ae Park

CTdBem – A new protocol for ultra low radiation dose MSCT
Gustavo Dotto, Carlos Jesus Pereira Haygert, Marcos d Ornellas, Daniel Welfer, Rubens Bastos

The value of data and the value of questions: achieving improvement in hospital pharmacy and medication safety
Valentina Lichtner, Tony Cornford

A Design on Surgical Site Verification System
Biyu Shen, Yan He, Haoyang Chen

Evaluation of a Decision Support System for Laboratory Service Patients
Georgy Kopanitsa

Predicting Length of Stay for Obstetric Patients via Electronic Medical Records
Cheng Gao, Abel Kho, Catherine Ivory, Sarah Osmundson, Bradley Malin, You Chen

Design of an Intelligent Nursing Clinical Pathway and Nursing Order Support System
Bao-Fen Ding