Universal Health Coverage: Emerging Issues in Advancing Global Approaches
Anthony Maeder, Kendall Ho, Alvin Marcelo, Jim Warren

What Will Be Required to Make Sure Healthcare Information Technology Actually Does What Is Expected: Technical and Legal Requirements Andre Kushniruk, Elizabeth Borycki, Yalini Senathirajah, Carol Hullin Lucay Cossio

Social Media for Participatory Biomedical Knowledge Management
Fernando Martin-Sanchez, Carolyn Petersen, Mark Merolli, Miguel Angel Mayer

Research infrustructure through the OHDSI (Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics) consortium: Institutional and researcher’s perspectives
Vojtech Huser, Christian G Reich, Rae Woong Park

Advancing High-Quality Degree Programs in Health Informatics for Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Philomena Waruhari, Christoph Lehmann, William Hersh, Frank Verbeke, Martin Were

When Social Media do not Deliver as Intended in Health: Considerations and Possible Solutions for Dealing with Undesirable Outcomes Mark Merolli, Luis Fernandez, Kerstin Denecke, Elia Gabarron

Patient-Centered Apps to Promote Engagement and Activation: Challenges and Opportunities
Patricia Dykes, Kaija Saranto, Anne Moen, Hyeoun-Ae Park, David W. Bates

FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources): An implementers’ guide
Charles Jaffe, Grahame Grieve, Viet Nguyen, Russel Leftwich, Stan Huff

eMental Health Through a Global Lens: Principles and Practices in Different Contexts
Kendall Ho, Melvyn Zhang, Sally Chan, Jie Li, JianLi Wang

International Initiatives to Support Health Aging
Greg Alexander, Andrew Georgiou, George Demiris, Anne Moen, Johanna Westbrook, Mary Alexander

mHealth interventions in different cultural settings: Experience and lessons from the field
Y. Alicia Hong, Yan Guo, M Sriram Iyengar

Healthcare informatics: different meanings for different countries
Najeeb Al-Shorbaji

Advancing Health Informatics Education and Health IT Workforce Development through Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Zhe He, Duo Wei, Jiang Bian, Jialin liu, Yang Gong

Wearable technologies: advancing the healthcare in ageing population
Shabbir Syed Abdul, Shwetambara Kekade

The quest for eHealth enabled inter-professionalism: A TIGER, IMIA and AHIMA/IFHIMA joint action on educational recommendations
Marion Ball, Mervat Abdelhak, Rachelle Blake, Angelika Händel, Reinhold Haux, Ursula Hübner

Formulating Strategies for Growth of the eHealth Workforce in Developing and Slow Technology Adoption Countries
Rachelle Blake, Hussein Ali AlBishi, Osama El-Hassana, Yukiko Yokobori, Marion Ball

Certification of Informatics Physicians: Nearly a Decade of Experience in the United States
William Hersh, Jeffrey Williamson, Douglas Fridsma, Christoph Lehmann, Enrico Coiera

mHealth in Chronic Diseases Management in China
Ying Wu, Polun Chang, Chang Rong Yuan, Wei Ying Shan, Yi Si Liu

Regulation of Tele-Health in Emerging Economies: Qua Vadis ?
Oommen John, Magdala de Araujo Novaes, Shashi Bhushan Gogia

Holistic System Thinking Approach
Apollo Temu, Laurie Werner, Henry Mwanyika

Measure and Improve Healthcare Quality: Small vs Big Data Analytics
Qing Zeng, Cynthia Brandt, Jennifer Garvin, Joseph Goulet, Bruce Bray

Integrating Science of Data with Science of Care for Interpreting Patient Need: Opportunities and Challenges in the New Era of Cognitive Healthcare Solutions
Pei-Yun Sabrina Hsueh, Vimla Patel, Anne Moen, Tze-Yun Leong, Albert Lai, Sabine Koch, Xuejun Li

Knowledge Base in Biomedicine
Lei Liu

Data Analytics Challenges in Precision Medicine
Riccardo Bellazzi, John Holmes, Fernando Martin-Sanchez, Lucia Sacchi