Information to Presenters

Poster Program (Click the date for the detail)
August  23
August  24

Presenters Guideline

There are computers (Windows system) and projectors in the meeting room, please use Office PowerPoint (Office version 2010 or lower) or PDF format, and the size of slide is 4:3.

There is a speaker ready room on the 4th floor (Aug. 22-25, AM8:00-PM17:30), for all the presenters, please take your presenting files with thumb drive and come to speaker ready room to test your slide 1 day before your presentation.

Poster Session
Each poster session will be all day long from 08:30 to 16:30. Mandatory author can use any of the break time (coffee break time, lunch time…) to present the poster and interact with participants, discuss the research and answer questions.

Poster formatThe poster stands are portrait (!) format (not landscape) and the poster stand size is about 2.3 m (height) x 1 m (width). The recommendation to prepare posters is to use posters in ISO A0 size: 119 cm (height) x 84.1 cm (width) [portrait format].Please assure that your poster can be read from a distance, there are no templates available.Many authors decide to print their 1-page poster abstract and bring it to the poster sessions, so that interested participants can have a physical copy of your research.
Please print your poster in advance and bring it to the venue, no printing service will be provided on-site.Please use drawing pin to pin the posters at the boards 1 day before your presentation. We will provide drawing pin if you forget to bring it. 

Paper Session

90 minutes for each session, there are 5 or 6 papers in one session. Each presenter’s speech time is equally divided.

Workshop/Panel Session

90 minutes for each session.The room type is classroom type.

Tutorials Session

180 minutes for each session. But the Tutorials will not offered if less than 15 attendees. Please note the adjustment is necessary.